Ron Paul’s “anti-Semitic” remarks on Israel “put our country at risk,” says Jewish Republican strategist

In a Race Rife With Antisemitism Concerns, Mastriano Adviser Calls Shapiro ‘At Best a Secular Jew’

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A prominent Jewish Republican strategist has accused Jewish Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) of promoting “anti-semitism” with his recent remarks on an incident where, as a member of the military, he told a former member of the Jewish Defense League to “go back to Israel,” during a campaign stop at Dallas’ Northland Mall.

“I’ve heard Ron Paul say that if that guy were to come on my field, if [he] came here, I’d put my head down and call him a kike,” said Ed Feighner, a senior adviser to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and one of the party’s top strategists.

Feighner, speaking as part of an NRSC panel on the campaign trail at the Northland mall, said that Paul, a former candidate for the U.S. Senate from Texas, “is a member of the anti-Israel movement.

“The reason that I say that is he is a member of the movement that puts our troops at risk. He’s a member of the movement that calls for the destruction of Israel. He’s a member of the movement that has lost the American Jewish community by talking about Israel as a security threat. He’s a member of the movement that puts our country at risk,” Feighner said.

Ron Paul’s remarks “put Israel in jeopardy,” he continued, “and he’s at best a secular Jew, at worst he’s anti-semitic and I’m not willing to support him with the backing of the NRSC.”

Feighner said in recent days, he and other leading Jewish Republican strategists had been concerned about the increasingly heated rhetoric surrounding Ron Paul and his supporters. The strategist said that he could not understand why Jewish Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had not endorsed Paul. He cited the NRSC’

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