The Mayor’s Approach to Politics

Editorial: Tired of City Hall scandals? This is the moment to reform Los Angeles city government.

This is a very different approach to politics than the one taken by Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has promised transparency, accountability and accountability itself. But it’s still an approach that the mayor wants to follow, and he should. A system where the mayor acts as an honest broker, mediating for the city where it fails and for whom it fails, is a much better system than the current system where the mayor and other politicians and bureaucrats are in control.

It seems unlikely that Garcetti would be able to get the support of some of the business groups that have supported him for his election and to whom he has vowed to run things the way he sees is best.

Instead, he will have to start from scratch, in which he will have to be tough, but fair, and a little bit of an ideologue, too. He must convince more voters that a system where they can go to City Hall with a problem is the best way to solve it and that they shouldn’t support his administration anymore.

The mayor, who has already said his intention is to use his position to push forward a plan to improve traffic, is a lot better than Garcetti at being straightforward and honest about the problems that the city faces. A politician can always be polite and polite, but he has got to own up to things. He has to offer positive solutions that are clear, achievable and that actually work.

Garcetti is too much of a politician, a man who takes a very firm line and talks over you. Garcetti believes that the people who go to City Hall with their issues have problems that others don’t have. And as much as he would like to have things run like this forever, sooner or later, it’s going to work out. Eventually, the system will break down into the same old problems and you just have to accept that.

There is no perfect system here. And when something breaks down for the people who need to change it and that are the ones in charge of the operation of the city, then things will start breaking down elsewhere. The problems that the mayor and the Board of Supervisors have with the City of

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