Irsay says the Colts will not start with Snyder out of anything

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay says ‘there’s merit to remove’ Daniel Snyder as Washington Commanders owner

The Washington Commanders have had no coach since their Super Bowl 50 championship win against the New Orleans Saints, but Irsay seems confident they have the right man to be the new head man.

“I think there’s merit to removing Dan Snyder,” Irsay said.

“He’s a terrible owner. They have no coach and if you took him out of the equation the whole thing would be better,” he continued. “I don’t know. As a owner you want to have some faith that what you’re going to do with your organization is the right thing.

“We’ve had more than a few instances in the last four decades where the Colts were successful and then the owner decided to get out of the company and you didn’t have a great owner.”

The Colts have had one head coach since Joe with Tom Moore and they fired him and replaced him with Chuck Pagano.

“I don’t like losing my guys, even in losses,” Irsay said. “We just had to find a way to win.”

Irsay has been the owner for 29 years and he says the Colts will not start with him out of anything.

“I think we’re going to stick around here for a while,” Irsay said. “In fact, we’re going to win the big game before we leave. We’ve never been the same team we were before Dan came and this year we won one and we’ll give ourselves a pat on the back for that.”

He’s also had an ongoing feud with Snyder, who’s been the owner since 1995 and has hired a number of coaches.

“The bottom line is he’s never won and that’s that,” Irsay said. “There’s merit to removing him. We’ve had five head coaches and he’s never won the big game. But we’ll keep moving forward.”

Snyder made this statement before last year’s first-round playoff loss to the New England Patriots: “There’s always a question as to whether or not we believe in the process or if we’re just putting out our own agenda.

“Our players, our coaches and our fans know me as a person that puts winning first. That’s the kind of owner I am and that’s where the

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