‘Kill every single one of them’: Students demand better school security after stabbing threat

Students walk out at Marshall High demanding better school security after campus stabbing threat a month before fatal stabbing attempt at Marshall High School

Crowds of angry parents shouted: ‘Kill every single one of them’

Tearful students held up hand-drawn posters to condemn police officers

Students at the school where three students were stabbed in a school shooting that killed five students and wounded eight others also demanded better security after a threat in a Facebook post.

Five students at Marshall County High School were stabbed in a rampage last month that began with the theft of a backpack from a teacher, who later died.

‘Everybody should be concerned, and we need that from people in authority,’ said senior Sammi Williams, who said she was angry about the district’s response to the stabbing threat. ‘The way they handled it was a joke.’

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An angry crowd of students demanded better school security at a North Carolina high school where a stabbing threat and a shooting incident were a month apart

The stabbing of five students at Marshall High School was one of the most shocking mass shootings in U.S. history, when authorities said the group had stolen a backpack from a teacher before starting to walk the halls

Shannon Loomis (left) and Kaylee Mixon (right) were stabbed during the school shooting that left five dead, including the suspect. Loomis’ attacker was held in jail while the rest of the students were sent home. Loomis was buried in a cemetery a day later

In a Facebook post, a 14-year-old victim told the officials at Marshall High School that he wanted to leave his parents out of the investigation and expressed his distrust in police. He also complained that the school’s administrators didn’t do enough to help him cope with his grief.

‘There is no reason to believe that there is anything more than a school shooting or potential school shooting,’ said Dr. Thomas Purtzer, the president of the school board in Alamance County.

‘We have been working with our school system and law enforcement to find out where things are going to head – the safety of students and staff, and ultimately, safety in general for the rest of the community.’

It is the latest in a string of school shootings that have sparked calls for change to school safety in the US, including

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