Trump’s immigration order will bring Venezuelans into the US legally

The Venezuelans left in limbo by new US immigration plan are asking for help.

In July, the President of the United States signed an executive order to address the country’s status of immigrants from the US.

President Donald Trump has promised that the order would reverse the existing policy of “chain migration” on the country and bring people into the country legally from the US.

The US is already under a great deal of pressure to reform immigration policy, including through the Trump administration’s policy of reducing the US population through its deportation policies.

But, until very recently, the US had never admitted a non-citizen from Venezuela.

According to a report by PBS, that will change if Trump’s immigration rules are enacted, which will be implemented if congress does not act.

PBS has reported that if the President’s orders are enacted, immigrants from the US would get a visa to travel to America and apply for a green card.

The immigration reform could also affect Venezuelans stuck in the US after Trump signed the order on 7th July.

US President Donald Trump signing an executive order to revamp immigration policy

“The order will end an immigration system that is not based on merit, doesn’t create enough legal paths for citizens who want to come to this country and, most importantly, does not protect the American people,” President Trump said.

The orders will affect immigrants and families coming to the US from “countries of concern”, meaning that the US’s green card category for immigrants will now only accept people from countries where there is a significant “public-interest or security reason to do so”, such as refugees, people fleeing political unrest or war, and asylum seekers.

The President has said that the order will help stop the birth of “rapists, drug dealers and criminals” in the US.

The move is widely considered to be an attempt to reduce illegal immigration into the US and stop the growth of people in need

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