COVID-19 Deaths in Durham Region

Omicron variant of COVID-19 confirmed in Halton and Durham regions cases

On March 18, the Omicron P-40 variant of the coronavirus COVID-19 was confirmed as being the cause of deaths in a Halton Region woman and a Durham Region man, bringing the total number of cases in the two regions to four.

The Halton woman, a 63-year-old female, died the same day in a hospital in Burlington, leaving behind a husband and three daughters. The death is associated with a Halton Region woman who has also died, and is the fourth Halton Region death from the virus. A Durham Region woman has also died, and is the fifth Durham Region death to date.

The same day, a 65-year-old female died of COVID-19 in Burlington, leaving behind a husband and two daughters.

All four have been confirmed cases with the Halton Region and Durham Region. The Halton woman worked as a medical officer at the Burlington hospital.

On March 19, an elderly Durham Region man died with COVID-19 in a hospital in Burlington, and an associated woman in the same hospital tested positive and remains in isolation. The man’s wife is currently in isolation on the same ward.

The man’s death occurred in Burlington and was associated with a Durham Region man who also died with COVID-19 in the same hospital the same day. As of March 22, the Durham Region and Halton Region cases of the virus are both the same as the Omicron P-40 variant.

These cases are part of a cluster in Halton Region and Durham Region of positive cases involving these two areas, similar to the cases linked to a “super spreader.”

This virus has been detected in close contact to the Omicron P-40 variant of COVID-19 cases, who are associated with other cases of coronavirus in the region. Each infected person in the cluster has been found to have had close contact with the other individual.

The Omicron P-40 variant of COVID-19 has been found on March 22 to have an identical set

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