Ivan Reitman: The Man Behind the Mask

Anna Faris claims director Ivan Reitman was abusive on ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ set, but it makes little sense

After a decade of being in front of the camera as a director, actress and television star, Ivan Reitman was finally off to make his mark in the acting world. It would be a dream come true for any actor. “Ivan Reitman: The Man Behind the Mask” is a documentary on his life that documents his life as a man behind the mask. His rise from being unknown to an international superstar is told with the help of his son, Alex Reitman.

For the documentary, he asked his favorite daughter, model, actress and fashion icon, Anna Faris to do a segment. She had not been on camera before, but she was eager to be filmed.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after the premiere of the documentary, Faris revealed that her father was a bit out of control. In fact, he had some harsh words about her on set after they filmed the “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” episode.

“[Reitman] was really mad at me because I was being way too hard on him and getting way too big and too emotional,” she said. “He told me during the first take that he was not going to make it and then two takes later he decided to do it.”

Reitman was, however, very impressed with the performance. “I was blown away by the performance. My ex-girlfriend went up to his dressing room and told him how good Anna was and the studio decided to fly Anna and I out for a meeting,” he said. “Ivan took it all in, he thought he was great.”

The documentary is set to air in 2019.

The entire interview is below.

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Anna Faris: I saw him on the set of “My Super

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