Venus Williams vs. Serena Williams: the latest of these sports has been filled with controversy.

Serena and Venus Williams knocked out of doubles’ play by Czech duo at US Open

Venus Williams vs. Serena Williams: the latest of these sports has been filled with controversy. Here’s a look at the headlines from the past several days.

Serena and Venus Williams have not played doubles together since 2009. Here’s what their rivalry is all about, the ups and downs

Venus Williams is used to being on the receiving end of verbal attacks. Her family life is a constant battle to maintain stability, and the Williamses are no different.

Serena Williams, whose real name is Venus Williams, grew up in a loving, happy family. That was a family on which she could count, but which eventually fractured, and then collapsed, as the years went by.

The Williamses have raised their daughter to be independent, and in many ways self-reliant. They are the type of parents who rarely talk about their children’s athletic careers in the media, which is a way for them to shield their daughter from the negative reactions that so often happen when a parent gets into an athletic rivalry with another parent.

While other family members may have some sort of beef with one or both of them, Venus and Serena are almost like best friends. They share a deep love for their children, and they also share a history of being in similar situations.

Serena was once one of eight children, and she also went through some sort of family tragedy that has shaped her life. But Serena has proven time and again that she can be a tough competitor, and she’s always willing to sacrifice herself to come out on top of her matches.

When Venus announced her retirement on July 28, after the 2014 Australian Open, the first thing Serena did was try to get over her, especially in doubles.

“I try to be the same way with her, even when we say we have to go to bed early,” Serena said. “She’s up, she’s up, she’s up. I don’t know what else I can do right now. It’s hard. I mean, you just have to make sure you don’t get frustrated. You don’t get frustrated on that court, in that locker room, you don’t get frustrated with

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