Kardashian is not a spokesperson for Trump

Kim Kardashian condemns Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks, stands with Jewish community while supporting West’s anti-Trump tweets on Twitter.

The mother of two is a star in the entertainment industry and is the executive producer and director of her family’s reality television series, Kourtney and Khloe Takeover.

When Kanye West tweeted about Donald Trump’s appearance at a rally in Florida on Wednesday, saying “the man is a p***y” and praising Hillary Clinton’s appearance before a crowd of supporters, many expressed disgust.

But Kardashian is not one to allow her emotions get the best of her when it comes to any matter. She is clear that she stands with the Jewish community and supports West’s anti-Trump views.

In a video posted to Twitter, Kardashian said that Trump is a “p***y” and she condemned his behavior.

“I’m not gonna stand here and be a spokesperson for the p***y. And if you don’t agree with his behavior, then stand with the Jewish community and not stand with the president.”

She said he’s become “p***y” and she’s “f—king disappointed.”

She then said, “I stand with the Jews, I stand with the Jewish community and I stand with [Donald Trump].”

She added, “He doesn’t know what he’s sayin. He’s just making things up. I want to see him apologize.”

Later in the video, Kardashian said she was proud of people who are anti-Trump.

“I am proud of those people and what they stand for. Because I am disappointed and I’m a little bit ashamed,” she said. “I’m proud of them. I love them. A lot of people are not proud of them. I’m not proud of them. They don’t own my opinion. They don’t own my feelings.”

In her first comments on the story, Kardashian praised West’s tweet, saying, “This man deserves so much more than whatever criticism that came his way. We should all give him a chance, we need to give him a chance. And my heart goes out to

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