Casper Ruud: The First Player To Be Arrested

Carlos Alcaraz defeats Casper Ruud to win the US Open final.

Casper Ruud, a left-hander who threw just over 100 innings in his career, had two tough starts to his major-league career, but after the first four starts he went 15-2 with a 2.21 ERA. With one last-minute turn in the rotation, Ruud was inserted into the ninth inning of an August night in Detroit to pitch against the Yankees and got the win, allowing just one run on a walk and five hits. That night he also struckout seven in five innings. Ruud’s major-league debut was the longest outing in major-league history. His story would become legend.

Ruud then became the most famous player in recent Detroit Tigers history. With the Tigers, he would win two Cy Young awards, making him the highest-finishing pitcher in major-league history to win both awards. Ruud would then go to the White Sox and be one of the most popular and beloved players in the game. Ruud became the youngest player to win four American League Central Division titles and was named to the Detroit Tigers all-time team in 2012 during his induction at the Ford Field Museum. Ruud also starred in the movie The Natural, which won an academy award.

While Ruud is most memorable for being a Cy Young winner and perhaps most famous for being the best player in baseball history, he is also most famous for being the first player to ever be arrested. Ruud was accused of DUI in January 2013 when he was caught speeding on Interstate 70 in Indiana after leaving a night game. He also allegedly spent some time in jail and was fined $2500 for the incident. Ruud did not miss a game or a start; he even pitched in the World Baseball Classic this year.

Even with a long line of accomplishments, Ruud is a story of overcoming so many odds and circumstances. He is the subject of numerous books including The Natural about his life and

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