The Redneck Who Made a Living as a Logger

Letters to the Editor: ‘Redneck’? Councilmembers’ racist remarks were a lot of things, but not that?

I’m shocked. I have been to the town of Nocona with my family numerous times and I think I know the town pretty well. I like it better as it is than as other towns I know of.

I went to the library in Nocona (I’m not sure which one) and checked through the list of books at the public library. What was on the shelves was shocking.

Here’s just one example — there was a book titled ‘Rotten to the Core’

— how could a town that is 100% white still have a population that is 95% white? How can that be?

It’s just not possible.

I’m not a lawyer, I don’t have a college education or advanced degrees or anything, but from my own experience I know that every human being is born with one of the following —

— a’redneck’ gene.

— or a ‘black gene’.

Or —

— a blue gene.

The author of the book ‘Rotten to the Core’ was a white man.

His book was a best seller, but he was only a’redneck’ in his community.

The fact that he was only a’redneck’, he should have been happy, but instead he was humiliated in front of all the townspeople.

It is my opinion that the’redneck’ who came up with the ‘Rotten to the Core’ idea was himself a’redneck’ in the town of Nocona that he never should have been anywhere near.

I have a friend that has never met a’redneck’ that has ever called him a’redneck’.

My friend’s family is full of’rednecks.’

My friend’s uncle was a’redneck’ in his community, but still made a living as a logger. My friend’s other uncle sold beer and wine at the Nocona Community Center.

My friend’s parents are’redneck’ too. Their father was a logger and worked in the cannery. Their mother was a welder in a steel mill. Their grandparents were’redneck’ too.

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