The November 2018 Election is Already Here

Democrats make desperate moves to stop GOP’s October surge.

The Republicans need a net gain of three seats to win back the majority in the Senate. The Democrats are in a dead heat with the Republicans on the generic ballot and need to net a net gain of three seats to regain power in the upper chamber.

In the Senate, there are 53 Democrats who face re-election this year, while Republicans have 52 seats that they will defend. Democrats are battling to hold onto North Dakota’s two seats and Colorado’s two.

In the House, Republicans need an increase of a net of 24 seats in the House to seize power in the chamber. The Democrats are fighting to hold onto their 16 seats to retake the House.

The November 2018 election is already underway. The generic ballot looks close to the polls and it may not be enough to sway the nation. However, the races in the House and the Senate are playing out in real time.

This is not the first time Democrats and Republicans have struggled with low polling numbers. Democrats lost the House in 2010, 2012 and 2014, and the GOP won a majority in the Senate in 2010, 2012 and 2014. The last time both parties lost the majority in the House and the majority in the Senate, it was the Democratic Party losing the Senate and the Republican Party losing the House for the first time since 1928.

Democrats face a steep climb to gain control of the Upper Chamber. Every year since 1946, when the first modern census was conducted, the Republicans have increased the number of seats they control from two to four. However, Democrats have been unable to come close to matching this historical increase of seats.

The election takes place on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.

Democrats have to seize control of the Senate and the House of Representatives to get back power in the Upper Chamber.

Republicans must pick up two seats this November to win back the majority in the Senate.

Republicans will also need three seats to win control of the House.

If Democrats lose the House, then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will name a member of the caucus of Democrats to head a commission to find a compromise.

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