The Problem With Rick Caruso

Letters to the Editor: Rick Caruso isn’t buying an election. His spending is protected speech.

Published January 18, 2012•Updated January 18, 2012 at 11:39 pm

Here’s the problem with Rick Caruso: He’s an incumbent, and he is not going to buy the election, because he can’t afford to lose. So he must find some other explanation for the huge spending that is currently hitting our state.

Rick Caruso is doing to our state what he did to the state of Ohio to his own governor, Charlie Crist. He is using public money to support his own private agenda.

That is a big problem for anyone who cares about democracy and the freedom to speak out.

I am not a big fan of Rick Caruso, at all. But I am a big fan of our state government. When it comes time for elections, we elect people to serve us. Not an incumbent to serve himself.

When we have a political newcomer like Caruso come into office, we should be able to do two things:

1. Be able to have the government serve us, and

2. Allow the government to serve our interests, instead of serving itself, or the self interest of political insiders.

Caruso does neither. We want him to serve, not us.

The people of Massachusetts should vote him out, or replace him with someone who will. Either way, our state government is going to stop spending.

I have been arguing that for years, and Rick Caruso and his friends keep ignoring it. The same people who pay for his campaigns are paying for his political actions. He is a hypocrite playing the two sides against each other, and the government that is supposed to serve us. And the taxpayers are going to be paying the price.

Rick Caruso has promised to put people back to work. He says businesses won’t come back, or new jobs will be lost. Both are lies. He’s also promised to pay off our state’s $1.5 billion deficit. The truth on both counts is that he’s committed to a massive tax break for billionaires.

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