Pratt is accused of killing PnB Rock, a former rapper who has sparked conspiracy theories and investigations

Suspect in killing of rapper PnB Rock is extradited to L.A. to face murder charge

The suspect in the rapper’s death is arriving in Los Angeles to face charges related to the case.

Jermaine “Big Boi” Pratt has been extradited from the Bahamas to Los Angeles, where he will soon arrive to face charges related to the case, including murder in the first degree, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Friday.

A joint booking statement by the Sheriff’s Department and Probation Department said Pratt waived extradition. Pratt has faced a string of charges in the Bahamas, including murder, but none involving the slaying of PnB Rock, a former Cali-for-Co actor whose death has sparked numerous conspiracy theories and investigations. Pratt has not been indicted by a Grand Jury in the killing.

More details have emerged about the case as Pratt has been extradited through a long process.

The Sheriff’s Department says Pratt was a suspect. (Photo by AP)

In November, the sheriff’s department said Pratt was arrested on suspicion of DUI and hit and run, but not murder.

He was arrested in the Bahamas on Nov. 8 and booked into the Abaco Island Detention Center in Freeport, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Pratt appeared in court on Dec. 28, and no decision had been made on his bail, according to the Sheriff’s Department. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office also said no decision had been made on bail.

In his bail request, Pratt accused the Sheriff’s Department of withholding evidence about his extradition case and demanded to see the evidence. Pratt also demanded that the Sheriff’s Department provide documentation about the warrant for his extradition.

In a letter from Pratt written in September to New Orleans-based attorney Michael Jackson, an attorney for the rapper, a request for bail was filed in Louisiana, where Pratt is facing charges of capital murder, first-degree murder and conspiracy.

Pratt is accused of “stabbing and stabbing until he killed” PnB Rock, according to the letter.

In November, the sheriff said Pratt fled the Bahamas and headed to “a country to which he had been forbidden entry.”

The letter to Michael Jackson states: “I am prepared to surrender myself to any state, country or jurisdiction

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