YouTube has taken down the video

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir in the country

A woman at prayer

A woman praying on her hands and knees

Hiding behind a pillar

The video was removed from YouTube after it was reported that the video was ‘threatening’ to religious minorities and women.

The channel has amassed more than 50 million subscribers, and over 1.5 million of them are female viewers.

It has also been used by people to help calm them down and comfort one another.

The video has been used by people to help calm one another and to pray for each other

YouTube responded late Friday to the video, saying it was taking what had been a ‘disturbing and offensive’ video down and that others could be on the channel or have watched it.

The company said in a statement: ‘We are aware of the video and have taken it down.

‘It is also being reviewed to ensure it does not violate our policies.

‘While it may have been in some way disturbing to the many communities we support, we found that the video contained numerous elements of the core YouTube experience that we want our community to feel safe and respected.

‘We are constantly working to ensure that YouTube is a place where everyone can feel safe and included.

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A woman at prayer

A woman praying on her hands and knees

She has been a regular in the prayer channel on YouTube for almost eight years

She has been featured with other famous people and celebrities in videos on the channel

A woman hiding behind a pillar

This is the same woman who has appeared with a celebrity in the video

‘We want everyone to focus on what they want to watch on YouTube. If you want to share a positive message of hope and

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