The CRB Cancelled the Meeting

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, why haven’t you resigned?

The latest news to come out of San Diego County is not good.

Gil Cedillo


The latest news to come out of San Diego County is not good. It’s not the first time it’s happened since the Citizens Redistricting Board (CRB) made up its mind about who would be elected supervisor of San Diego County.

There have been three CRB meetings in San Diego. Two were scheduled before the Board could even meet. The first one was scheduled for an hour before it was supposed to start. The second one was scheduled to start at noon. By the time it got back to its regular time, the meeting had already moved to 8:15 p.m. A new meeting was called for at 9:30. Three months later, the meeting still hadn’t moved back to its regular time.

By then, the CRB had made up its mind. They had already picked one candidate. They were going to meet in September and try to reach a deal with that candidate, the one they had picked on the first meeting.

But instead, as things were about to get started, the CRB had the nerve to cancel the meeting and asked the CRB Chairwoman to make up the meeting time so it could be held in the future.

This is an action that the CRB shouldn’t have taken but, as it was the second time this happened and they needed to make up the time in the future, they did. The Board, and now, the people of San Diego, have lost another chance to choose between two candidates that would make a decision for San Diego.

Why did they have to take this unnecessary action? Maybe it has to do with the fact that they didn’t really have a choice. They picked a candidate. They had to and we all knew it would have been the one person

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