DreamCloud vs Purple Mattress Comparison (2020)

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Are you deciding between the DreamCloud and Purple mattresses as your next bed? Then you’ve come to the right place! In my DreamCloud vs. Purple comparison guide, I’m going to break down all the major differences between these two beds. I’ll analyze every inch of their constructions, talk about how they feel, and wrap things up with my recommendations for who might like them most.

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0:00 DreamCloud vs Purple Mattress
0:57 DreamCloud and Purple company policies
1:35 What is the Purple mattress made of?
2:35 What is the DreamCloud made of?
3:30 How firm is the Purple mattress?
4:51 What does the DreamCloud feel like?
5:45 Purple Hybrid Review
6:41 DreamCloud Premier Review
7:11 Which is better, the Purple or DreamCloud?

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