An important academic skill expected from university level students is their ability to understand and describe tabulated or graphic data.  This Self-assessment Guide (Version 2.0) has been developed for tertiary students to help them check the quality of their writing before submission to lecturers. The Self-assessment Guide has four sections, which support student-writers before, while, and after describing their research results in the form of tabulated or graphic information. Its final section includes some tips on what students should ‘always’ do to help them improve the quality of their results report.

This application will analyze the students’ choices, and place their written work under one of the following levels as

  1. Ready to go! [indicated by green color]
  2. Needs some more work! [indicated by yellow color]
  3. Needs some serious work! [indicated by orange color]
  4. Not ready! [indicated by red color]

It helps student-writers assess their own writing and decide whether it is ready to be submitted.