Descriptive Writing Self-assessment Guide (Version 2.0)  upm


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This website presents the first series of writing self-assessment guides, developed to help university students report their research results.


The Descriptive Writing Self-assessment Guide (Version 2.0) is the result of a project entitled ‘Development of a self-assessment checklist for Malaysian tertiary level students’ report writing’ to the code of GP-IPM/2014/9427200 to be completed by June, 2016. The project was funded by the Research Management Center, Universiti Putra Malaysia (RMC, UPM) in July, 2014 with the objective of developing and validating a tool to aid undergraduate students in describing their results presented in tables or graphs.


This version of the guide was developed based on an earlier version which had been developed in reference to the related literature and available models in the area of academic writing and descriptive genre. In this version a batch of reports written by a group of undergraduate students were analyzed regarding the quality of their content, organization, vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics by the research team. The refined prototype was shown to two lecturers who were interviewed on its clarity, relevance, and comprehensiveness. At this point, the prototype was examined once more by the research team individually.


The next step will be the validation of this guide by a panel of experts, as the external examiners. The prototype will also be tested on a group of students for its effectiveness. In addition to the Descriptive Writing Self-assessment Guide (Version 2.0), we have also been working on other self-assessment checklists, such as the Self-assessment Checklist for Undergraduate Students’ Argumentative Writing whose second version will be added to the website.